In business, present yourself in the best possible light...
To deliver high-quality corporate and business professional videos which are clear and effective, the solution is more than just video production...we listen, conduct research, coach, write, design motion graphics & animation, shoot, edit and provide all online video services to effectively present yourself. From quick, effective online advertising videos to extensively planned corporate video communications, Motion Media is a trusted partner to many, high-profile organizations. Its Video proFile™ is the quickest way to present yourself, products and professional services and used by corporations and business professionals interested in consistently promoting services, products, locations, sales professionals and franchisees. Simple, effective & affordable. If your corporate video production requires capturing unique visual elements on-location, our professional directors, crew and lighting equipment will meet & surpass your specifications! After producing your video with sophisticated editing, motion graphics & animation talents, MMS launches your message online and syndicates video profiles across major video sharing platforms, linking client websites, and enhancing search ranking. The Motion Media Solutions Video proFile Page is a unique SEO video strategy, designed to most effectively help you present yourself.
Motion Media Solutions' unique zoomIn Process (ZIP)™ identifies your key messages and guides you through creation of your video production. MMS ZIP begins with a WORKSHEET to help identify your video objectives and talking points. If producing your corporate video, this worksheet guides all planning, production, post-production and distribution of your video based on the business objectives you identify. These techniques continue when you ARRIVE at your Video proFile or corporate video session... we help you RELAX, PLAN your talking points, and SHINE, best captured behind the lights, crew & equipment as our coach encourages you to speak conversationally and sincerely. For quick, simple videos, your choice of a Video proFile Theme guides our video production company to POST an advertising video preview which fits your brand, your message, and uses your talking points to provide a powerful first impression. Whether we are designing a unique, corporate video production or delivering your Video proFile with a quick turn-around, we collaborate, and your video is easily added to your website. Then, your Video proFile Page is launched, initiating powerful visibility for your video message, and simplifying many ways to use your video, like email...and SHARE.
At Motion Media Solutions, we believe online video has become as important as having a website. Decisions about high quality, effective video production are complex. That’s why we work hard, every day, to listen and understand business challenges, and then present simple, effective and affordable video solutions which help business professionals succeed. With smart video SEO distribution, effective video messaging enhances your products or services searchability -- today, your customers are increasingly searching for videos about solutions they need. In fact, online videos now rank as the highest type of search. So it should be no surprise that search engines like Google are ranking online video content higher than other forms of information. Advertising video, educational video, promotional video... even video resumes are effective for business professionals expanding their online profile. Adopting online video is as easy as having a website with video production companies like Motion Media Solutions offering simple, effective and affordable online video solutions…as a trusted partner, we look forward to helping you present yourself!